Why Choose Us

Implement a Clinical Pharmacist Service for your PCN

Our Clinical Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians are highly trained to deliver a range of services. 

Fully Managed Service

We deliver a customised PCN service assuming full responsibility for recruitment, employment training and ongoing clinical supervision.

Flexible Service Model

We offer a range of Clinical services these can be adapted to the needs of the PCN with an option of additional Remote capacity if requested.

ARRS Scheme Compliant

Our Services meet the requirement of the ARRS scheme and are therefore 100% reimbursable from the ARRS funding.

Rapid Mobilisation

We offer a 4 weeks mobilisation for out in practice services and a rapid 2 week mobilisation for our remote Pharmacist services.

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Find out more about our fully managed Clinical Services

All of our services are supervised by our senior pharmacist team to ensure that our service meets our high standards.

Who We Are

What sets us apart from other services?

Remote Clinical Providers is an esteemed company founded by Pharmacists with extensive experience in primary care. Our deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by GP practices allows us to recognize the significant impact that Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technican can have within primary care teams.


At Remote Clinical Providers, we have successfully developed and managed projects focused on medicines management and medicines optimization, addressing the specific needs of individual practices. We firmly believe that Clinical Pharmacists possess the perfect skill set to bring about fundamental changes in the way healthcare is delivered throughout the UK.